Chilli Kadhai Curry Paste

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I would regard myself in typical South African lingo as a “local is lekker” kind of person, so I get very excited when I see or hear of people producing and manufacturing unique creations which have sprung from their own ideas and concepts.   Taking a stroll through some of Durban’s iconic weekend markets is testament to these tremendously creative people and their products. 

One such local entrepreneur is Anasia Govender who is founder and creator of Chilli Kadhai, a 3 year in the making curry paste which has finally been perfected and ready for consumer generation.  Anasia says, “with today’s hectic lifestyle, time has become a precious commodity.  Parents are balancing work, homework, afterschool activities, business meeting, deadlines and a host of “more important” tasks and sacrificing quality time around the dinner table”.    I couldn’t agree more.  Our busy lifestyles and current economic climate sees both parents working long hours.  I remember myself as a young mom having to work a 9 to 5 job and being utterly tired and drained by the time I got home.  The last thing I felt like doing when I arrived home was having to cook a meal.  In those years I too relied on ready made meals or quick alternatives such as cook in or ready-made sauces.  Chilli Kadhai is one of those all-important “store cupboard” supplies that I wish I had back then and that every household should have now. 

Anasia goes on to say that the paste is easy to use, a great time saver which has the finest ingredients, making it, and I quote; “oh so delicious”.   I once again agree with Anasia; her curry sauce is most certainly easy to use and “oh so delicious”.  Of this I am confident as I was afforded the opportunity to try it out.

I decided to make something that brings 2 cultures together and secondly a dish that I’ve made before which my family and I really enjoyed.  Another successful boerewors curry (which I’ve made before here: was enjoyed and made extra special with Chilli Kadhai.  It really is as simple as the packaging states; “meals in under 10 minutes”.  It is a concentrated paste therefore only a small amount needs to be used at a time.  Once opened the remainder can be refrigerated till further use.

A curry paste that is easy to use, produces a meal in under 10 minutes, has an amazing taste and made with quality ingredients is more than enough reason to purchase your own supply.

For more information, email or alternatively contact 031-5795385


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