ClemenGold Breakfast Smoothie

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Breakfast is one of those meals that take the most effort. Most people skip breakfast as they feel they can’t eat so early and others just don’t have time.   From a personal point of view, I consider myself to be a morning person.  I’m up at least 4 days a week (excluding weekends) at 5am and am on the treadmill in the gym by 5:45am.  My routine is pretty simple as I “mosey on home” after gym to get ready for work and have breakfast.  My morning meal consists of unhealthy compact white bread toast (I did mention I was a carb freak) with a generous layer of peanut butter.  The other alternative if I’m feeling healthy and up to a grueling exercise session of jaw movement is yoghurt and muesli, so in a nutshell I’m a morning person, not your typical “gym bunny” and a breakfast eater.

This morning I decided to take breakfast to another level in my home with a lovely fragrant, sweet, but not too sweet smoothie!

You will need:
ClemenGold (peeled)
2 Tbsp pure honey
7.5ml whole red peppercorns (used because of their sweet, berry-like flavour)
500ml Double Cream Plain Greek Yoghurt

Place the ClemenGold, honey and peppercorns in a blender and blend to a liquid consistency.  Pour the juice through a sieve and discard any pulp that stays behind.  Place the juice back into the blender (rinsed out) and add the 500ml Greek Yoghurt.  Blend till combined.  Pour into a serving glass and enjoy.


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