Jack Salmon Fish House

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Jack Salmon Fish House is a space that exudes freshness and sparkle. The open floor plan is filled with natural light from large wooden folding veranda doors which open on to a wooden balcony with further seating if guests want to dine in the open air.


The restaurant is cheerfully inviting with crisp, clean linen draping each table. Pristine polished wine glasses and cutlery are beautifully arranged just waiting to be utilised.


As I walked into the eatery I was greeted by our host whose smile gleamed from ear to ear as he proceeded to high-five me. It was such a sincere greeting that I instantly felt comfortable, relaxed and at home.
Nicola (www.runoncoffee.blogspot.com) and I were led to our lovely table which was situated at the far left of the restaurant in a booth style setting. It was really comfortable and was situated beneath the beautiful wall made from pebbles tiles.

We were later joined by Shirley and Gareth (www.cuizine.co.za) as well as Nicola Ashe (www.askashe.com)

Our waiter, Surprise (that’s his name) oozed good service; he regularly attended our table to ensure we were still happy and satisfied customers. After much deliberating as to what to eat first, the restaurant owner Jason recommended an assortment of starters which we could all then taste from. A great idea as we sampled marinated olives, char-grilled haloumi cheese, calamari-chorizo starter and sushi! Shirley ordered her favourite, salmon carpaccio which we too got a taste of.

All the food was incredibly delicious that I’m so glad I didn’t have breakfast at home. It was a wise move to keep space for lunch at Jack Salmon.
We all kind of went our own way with mains choosing dishes that we preferred. I opted for the Jack’s Got Sole Platter which was a fantastic choice. It consisted of a fresh Sole fillet, 6 fresh prawns and fresh calamari. My delicious dish was served with perfectly made crunchy vegetables. I really emphasized “fresh” since their motto is that they pride themselves in sourcing only the freshest seafood available (taken from www.jacksalmon.co.za)

In my opinion, a good meal should be finished off with a lovely light dessert. Although I have a wide range of favourite desserts, my preferred “light” dessert is a Crème Brulee. This gorgeous custard based dessert was infused with Amarula which added some extra creaminess and oomph. It was delicious. Not too sweet but just right after a beautiful meal.

What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon; good company, lovely Rose Wine, excellent food and a beautiful setting.
Contact Jack Salmon to make your booking:
Hillcrest 031-9415217
Glenashley 031-572 3664
Salt Rock 032-525 4243
Website: www.jacksalmon.co.za

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JackSalmonHillcrest/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacksalmonfishhouse/

  • Lauren Davies


    Wow, this place looks and sounds amazing!!!

    • Inge

      If you love seafood and sushi, you must give it a try. Everything is so fresh and delicious!

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