Spar Tops Wine Tasting

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Wine tasting is becoming a popular feature at Four Way Spar in Glenugie Road, Pinetown with their sampling of Riebeek Cellars on February 23rd coming out Tops.
The venue for their latest event was packed to capacity providing Ashley Bester of Riebeek Cellars an enthusiastic audience as he shared his passion for wines. Those attending were flooded with insights and many subtleties of the wine industry.
Pinotage Rose
On arrival Ashley presented each guest with a glass of sparkling wine [Brut] with slight lemongrass, mango, raspberry and blackberry flavours. Following the introduction and pleasantries, Ashley set the evening in motion with a sample of their cellars 2016 Sauvignon Blanc with hints of gooseberry, mango and peach. A refreshing wine aged in stainless steel vats. An unwooded Chardonnay followed which too was received with delight.
Riebeek Cellars most prevalent red wine was the first red of the evening. A gold and double gold winner, this Merlot proved extremely popular with Ashley once again highlighting the chocolate, plum and dark red cherry flavours.
Wine tasting was interrupted as guests moved to the mouthwatering snack table. A chicken platter together with a Joll platter were consumed in much haste. Tasty chicken pieces, mini pies, cocktail sausages, samosas, sausage rolls and chicken kebabs were taken up in short shrift. A credit to the catering staff at Four Way Spar.

Chicken Platter and Joll Platter
The evening concluded with the sampling of a deep red spicy Shiraz with hints of cinnamon and black pepper.

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