What began as a cooking undertaking for the family has grown and developed to the point of being a regular visiting site for people with a taste for all that is flavorsome and hearty in the world of Snap, Sizzle and Cook.
Launched in 2012 my site has, over the years, developed a following among those who enjoy all things culinary and who are looking for easy to follow recipes with inexpensive ingredients. My gastronomic growth has taken me from amateur baker and cook status to the point where I am able to offer inspiration to the like-minded as I create and share simple yet delicious recipes which can be followed with complete confidence.
My name is Inge Loker and since the age of 9, I’ve been fanatical about what takes place in the cooking area of the home. It was from this tender age that my grandmother instilled in me a yearning to serve meals and desserts which are both pleasant on the pallet and comforting to the body. At High School, I was taught basic cooking and baking techniques which saw my early childhood interest in the kitchen soar to further heights. How well I remember the first pudding I ever produced. I was a teenager of 14 and baked a most delicious Roly Poly and which my family still enjoys to this very day.
Should you wish to not only add to your kitchen skills but also to benefit from my lifetime devotion of serving scrumptious fare, like my blog, leave me a message or subscribe to my website.