Breakfast at Butcher Block

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Butcher Block Florida Road

No better venue for a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast than Durban’s Butcher Block on Florida Road. Waitron Pat, a joyful Zimbabwean, greeted us with the most, open, pleasant smile and welcome while no sooner had we seated ourselves in comfortable, spotlessly clean and spruced surroundings, then part owner and Manager Zane made his way to our table to add to the warmth of our initial greeting.

A relatively new introduction to the Butcher Block line up of meals, the breakfast menu is set to gain increased favour amongst patrons. Facing us was a selection to exercise the mind and self-discipline. Spoilt for choice is an understatement.
Fruit juices were the men’s choices while I enjoyed my present-day brew of choice, a Red Cappuccino. During the short break between securing our drinks orders and delivery, we gave our attention to the menu. Determined to experience a true Butcher Block delight, I settled on the Butcher’s Choice while my husband’s eyes lit up when he noted his all-time first choice breakfast selection, Salmon Benedict. My son, equally enthusiastic for early morning egg meal, settled for Eggs Benedict.

Our ensuing conversation, largely centered on the décor, pleasant surroundings and warm feel of the rustic surroundings, was of short duration thanks to prompt and efficient service.

Whilst not wishing to be biased, in my view, I had made the prize choice. Free range eggs, prepared to individual preference, spiced lamb sausage, baked beans, bacon, mushrooms, rose tomatoes, chips together with toast completed my plate. The best description I could whisper before setting about savoring what was before me was; “A veritable feast on the eye and mouthwatering too boot”. My last words before consuming every morsel facing me.
My husband and son lapsed into muted silence as they too cleared their plates, so much so, that my second born, on completion of his Eggs Benedict, promptly sent word to the kitchen for a repeat order (with bacon as an extra) which too was consumed post haste. Smiles of satisfaction spread across three faces as we planned a return visit to what was a most succulent beginning to the day, set in one of the City’s most picturesque, popular and highly frequented eat-out attractions.
For more information or to book, contact: Zane Ramnundlall
140 Florida Road,
Berea, Durban
TEL: 031 303 2662


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