Goodersons DumaZulu Traditional Village

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Just 5km’s from Bushlands Game Lodge (more HERE) is a popular tourist establishment which attracts both foreign visitors as well as locals. DumaZulu is a traditional Zulu village which is home to a larger-than-life, well populated bird and reptile park. A feature of the reptile park is the alligator demonstration whereby resident tour guide, Fortune Sibiya walks into the enclosure and interacts with this enormous, scary beast. Another feature at the reptile park is that guests can interact with a baby crocodile or have an enormous albino Burmese python straddled around their neck for that all important camera shot.

An educational excursion accompanied by an experienced tour guide offers rich insight into local Zulu culture and heritage. The first stop on our village tour was a small group of men demonstrating the art of spear and shield making which they used for hunting and defending themselves against wild animals.

Not far off on our walk through the village was a group of women who were pot and basket makers. A very interesting fact that I learnt about the pots was that the decorative designs carved into the clay served a very important purpose. Not only are they ornamental, but they act as a traction when held to prevent slipping out of the carrier’s hands when filled with water or other liquids.

The final stage of our village tour was the entertaining dance provided by the young men and women who live and work in the community. While we enjoyed the pleasure of the dancing, we sampled Umqombothi which is a traditional Zulu beer made from corn, maize, malt, sorghum, yeast and water.

To enjoy more of the iconic village, DumaZulu offers rondavel-style accommodation. This traditional circular African dwelling with conical thatched roof is often constructed from stones with the mortar being made up of sand, soil, or combinations of these, mixed with cow dung. The floor of a traditional rondavel is finished with a dung mixture to make it hard and smooth. Having said that, the lodging at DumaZulu is contemporary in construction and the décor has a more modern touch and flair.

Address: Lot H29 D49 Road,Bushlands Rd, Hluhluwe, 3960
Phone: 035 562 2260


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