Pea Fritters

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I first came across the recipe for these delicious pea fritters in the October 2012 issue of Food and Home Magazine ( and have been making them as an accompaniment to many different meals for years now. They can be made beforehand, stored in the freezer until needed, are the perfect Meat Free Monday meal, great as a light lunch and scrumptious with a few fried eggs for breakfast. The ingredients are affordable and are common pantry staples.
Pea Fritters
You will need:
250g Frozen peas, defrosted (puree half)
125ml milk
2 large eggs
30g cornflour
200g cake flour
2.5ml baking powder
100g feta cheese crumbles
Salt and pepper

Mix together milk, eggs, cornflour, flour, baking powder, pureed peas and season. Combine and add the remaining peas and feta cheese.
Fry in batches and serve.
Pea Fritters


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