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Wonderbag partners with Africa’s Gift and presents royal wedding gift for Prince Harry

The sun shone brightly on Tuesday, 20 February as the inaugural group of UK philanthropic travellers from Africa’s Gift were welcomed even more warmly by the SA Wonderbag team and specially invited members of various rural communities from the greater KZN region. However, the traditional Wonderfeast celebration hosted at the Wonderbag factory in Tongaat not only marked the start of this first venture into ‘holidaying with a purpose’ into Africa. It also saw the official handover to the group of Wonderbags to be presented to Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, in the UK as a wedding gift from the Wonderbag team, Africa’s Gift and the Lesotho Royal family. Africa’s Gift and the Lesotho Royal family are affiliated to and friendly with Prince Harry through mutual humanitarian projects.
During the next couple of weeks, the Africa’s Gift troupe will be trekking along the southern part of Africa where they will be making a pit stop in Lesotho to donate hundreds of subsidised Wonderbags to deserving communities within the Malealea Valley in the Mafokeng District of Lesotho. According to the Founder of Africa’s Gift and the official guide for this trip, Ken Dunn, the distribution of these Wonderbags and the many benefits they will elicit for the communities that receive them is extraordinarily rewarding.


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“Since 2000 I have actively been on a quest to assist with reducing indoor air pollution for rural communities in Africa that has a devastating effect on people’s health resulting in major respiratory diseases and even death. It was when I first came across the Wonderbag in 2003 that I realized how important it would be to work with Sarah Collins and her team to empower impoverished communities like in Malealea Valley, through the distribution of these revolutionary bags to make a real difference in people’s lives. Apart from the powerful legacy that we’ll be leaving behind after our trip has come to an end, we’ll also be taking a special piece of Africa back home with us to the UK on behalf of the Lesotho Royal family. The customised Wonderbags will be presented to Prince Harry and his bride at their wedding in the UK in May 2018,” stated Dunn.
Sarah Collins, Founder of Wonderbag and social entrepreneur extraordinaire, explained to the visiting group at the Wonderbag factory how the relationship with Africa’s Gift had developed and their hopes to continue nurturing these Wonder Travel trips going forward. “One of the key principals that Wonderbag has built its brand on is that of individual philanthropy and encouraging people to become global citizens and look beyond their own needs. That’s how the Buy One Give One concept of Wonderbag was born and is still thriving. It was just a natural fit that Wonderbag be linked to Ken’s vision of bringing travel groups to countries where they can have authentic experiences and do good for those in need. Ultimately, I would like to see a Wonderbag in every home and it is exciting to think that by May even the likes of Prince Harry and his bride-to-be will be enjoying many delicious meals using their own customised Wonderbags,” concluded Collins.


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About Wonderbag
The Wonderbag is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018 and is a revolutionary, non-electric, heat retention cooker that allows food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods, to continue to cook for up to 12 hours, without using any additional energy source. Not only is the Wonderbag a revolution in the kitchen, but it is also a recipe for social change. The world has embraced the Wonderbag because of its environmental attributes and particularly its social contributions, because for every bag sold around the world a contribution is made to the Wonderbag Foundation to help put more bags into the hands of those around the world who live in poverty and would greatly benefit from owning a Wonderbag.
Wonderbag was founded in South Africa six years ago by local entrepreneur and social activist, Sarah Collins, and the product was born out of a practical desire to continue cooking during a bout of Eskom load shedding. Since opening its doors the company has grown exponentially and this local product has crossed over borders into various overseas markets. Thanks to this daring move Wonderbags have grown from their SA home base and are now sold in countries across the globe, including America and the United Kingdom. The product was listed on Amazon.com in 2013 and sales have shown exponential growth since it was launched.
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